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Drink Your Problems Away


Tea inspired by centuries-old wisdom for wellness challenges that adults face today: stress, fatigue, insomnia, and more


Meet the Star Ingredients



(Oolong, Green, White)

 We all have high antioxidant, but green tea's antioxidant is said 20x higher than antioxidant found in Vit C & E.

Hawthorn Berry
a.k.a Shan Zha

Food coma after overeating or having tons of meat? It's my expertise: aid digestion, burn fat, and as a remedy for high cholesterol.

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American Ginseng

You know I'm helpful at maintaining overall health, fight fatigue, improve brain function, and moreeee.

Various Honey

The one thing that can boost antioxidant in tea? It's us—honey. Not sugar, not milk. Us.

From wildflower, lime, to eucalyptus honey, each of us has different health benefits.

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Tangerine Peel

 Having high pectin content, I may help promote growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

[2] [3]

Why Us

Tasty answer to modern life problems

 Boss and work drive you crazy? Yep, same. Deep-fried food spikes your cholesterol level? Been there.  Can't sleep? Tell us about it.

Believe us, we've been through those and more. That's why we're here: to help with wellness challenges we as adults often face in this modern age. Inspired by the folk remedies used for centuries, we blend high-quality tea, herbs, and honey into a bottle so it's easier for you to drink your problems away or just do yourself some good in a day.

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Don't take our words, take theirs...

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"Awalnya skeptis karena iya ini teh aja gitu. Eh pas minum, wowowowo kok enak. Manisnya unik, rasanya calming and soothing. Yang kusuka adalah aftertastenya, mulut berasa wangi dan kek hidup itu indah aja gitu abis minum teh ini"

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"I never thought that smelling and drinking the 250 ml of Chill, please could make my body lighter and make my chaotic mind calm. I tried similar tea, but not one tastes and gives me the experience I had with Chill, please."

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yg yinyang aroma gingsengnya ga sekuat yang aku bayangkan. jadinya enak bgtt.
aku minum pas mau tidur. bikin tidurnya nyenyak gt, padahal aku biasanya sulit untuk tidur kalo udah cape bgt

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