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A research from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) suggests millennials' health begins to decline rapidly at the age of 27. Shocking? Here's more: compared to previous generation, millennials today are more prone to stress, depression, hypertension, diabetes, and more. (!!!)

It usually goes like this: stress that leads to the not-so healthy lifestyle (read: binge eating on junk food or drink), or the other way around. It then builds up and becomes problems we all too familiar with. Well, in our case, a few trips to ER and got hospitalized several times forced us to manage our stress level and to be mindful of what we put into our body.

So, we believe that we all need to take care of our body more. That's why we are here: to keep you happy and healthy through the high-quality tea, herbs, and honey blended based on remedies that has been used for centuries.


We hope we can calm you down when boss and works drive you crazy, hit you with enough antioxidant to keep your overall immune high,  help you get that baby-sleep quality again, and more.

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Did you know?

In extensive epidemiological studies in Asia, totaling more than 100,000 people for study periods of up to 10 years, daily consumption of four or more cups of a green tea has been associated with significant overall good health maintenance in subjects, even after adjustments are made for age, smoking and alcohol consumption


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